Convent Garden
41-43 Neal Street


21st December 1976 - 24th April 1978

"The Roxy Club", Convent Garden, 41-43 Neal Street, London WC2 (tel. 836 8811):
Open every night except Fridays during January, From 1st of February open 7 nights a week, Free membership. Open 8.30 p.m. to 2 a.m. Admission fee varies (normally £1), Free admission on non-group nights during January. Used to be a gay London nightspot in Covent Garden called "Shageramas", 'Andy Czezowski' converted the club into London's first live punk rock venue called "The Roxy".


Below is a list that we have put together from different web sites, publications, and original gig flyers that we have amassed over the years. If you spots a mistake, a gig that never happened or line up change or additional band added then please email in.


Tuesday 21st December 1976

Generation X & Siouxsie & The Banshees

Saturday 1st January 1977 The Clash, Chelsea & Sounds
Saturday 8th January 1977 The Jam & Wire
Tuesday 11th January 1977 Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers
Wednesday 12th January 1977 The Vibrators
Thursday 13th January 1977 Eater
Saturday 15th January 1977 Generation X & The Adverts


17th January 1977

The Damned, Eater & The Boys
Tuesday 18th January 1977 Subway Sect
Wednesday 19th January 1977 Slaughter & The Dogs & The Adverts
Thursday 20th January 1977 Squeeze & The Zips (Pre Warsaw Pakt)
Saturday 22nd January 1977 The Stranglers & The Cortinas
Monday 24th January 1977 Buzzcocks & Chelsea
Tuesday 25th January 1977 Buzzcocks
Thursday 27th January 1977 The Vibrators, The Drones & Outsiders
Saturday 29th January 1977 Generation X & Penetration
Sunday 30th January 1977 The Damned
Monday 31st January 1977 The Damned & The Rejects (Pre The Homosexuals)
Thursday 3rd February 1977 Eater & Johnny Moped
Friday 4th February 1977 Chelsea & Cock Sparrer
Saturday 5th February 1977 The Cortinas & Masterswitch
Sunday 6th February 1977 Adverts
Wednesday 9th February 1977 The Vibrators, Eater & The Rejects
Thursday 10th February 1977 Little Village (Funky Latin Salsa Sound)
Friday 11th February 1977 The Jam & The Lurkers
Saturday 12th February 1977 Slaughter & The Dogs, The Beasty Cads (Pre 'The Models)
Sunday 13th February 1977 Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Eater and Chelsea
Monday 14th February 1977 The Damned & The Adverts
Wednesday 16th February 1977 The Vibrators & Great British Heroes (aka G.B.H.).
Friday 18th February 1977 The Boys
Saturday 19th February 1977 The Cortinas & The Bombers


20th February 1977 Reggae Night
Monday 21st February 1977 The Damned, The Adverts & Johnny Moped
Tuesday 22nd February 1977 The Late Eddie Cochran
Wednesday 23rd February 1977 Eater, Great British Heroes (aka G.B.H.) & The Rejects
Thursday 24th February 1977 The Jam, The Rejects & Wire
Friday 25th February 1977 The Only Ones, Kubie & The Rats & The Drones
Saturday 26th February 1977 Shakin' Streets & Beasty Cads (Pre 'The Models)
Monday 28th February 1977 The Damned, Chelsea, Johnny Moped & The Adverts
Wednesday 2nd March 1977 Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers  & Siouxsie & The Banshees
Thursday 3rd March 1977 Cherry Vanilla & The Police
Friday 4th March 1977 Wayne County & The Electric Chairs, The Police & The Adverts
Saturday 5th March 1977 Cherry Vanilla, The Police (or Slaughter & The Dogs, The Boys)
Wednesday 9th March 1977 The Vibrators / Diamond Lil
Thursday 10th March 1977 Siouxsie & the Banshees & Iron Maiden (both cancelled)
Friday 11th March 1977 Chelsea, X-Ray Spex & The Drones


12th March 1977

Shakin Stevens & The Zips


13th March 1977

The Vibrators & Penetration (both cancelled)


15th March 1977

The Jam & The Adverts


16th March 1977

The Boys & Wire


17th March 1977

Eater & The Lurkers


18th March 1977

Slaughter & the Dogs & Johnny Moped


19th March 1977

The Cortinas & The Beastly Cads (aka The Models)


22nd March 1977

The Jam & The Rejects (Shane MacGowan performed 'Downtown' acapella)


23rd March 1977

Eater & Sham 69


24th March 1977

The Boys, Kubie & The Rats & The Adverts


25th March 1977

Slaughter & The Dogs, Chelsea & The Adverts


26th March 1977

Siouxsie & The Banshees & The Slits


28th March 1977

The Stranglers


29th March 1977

The Stranglers


31st March 1977

The Damned & Johnny Moped <CANCELLED>


1st April 1977

The Cortinas, The Models, Wire & The Buzzcocks


2nd April 1977

Recording of 'The Roxy, London WC2' - released 10/6/77 - Buzzcocks, Wire, X-Ray Spex, Smak (later The Unwanted; pre-Psychedelic Furs) & Johnny Moped


7th April 1977



9th April 1977

Generation X & Penetration


10th April 1977

Sex Pistols & The Slits


15th April 1977

The Cortinas & The Models


16th April 1977

Johnny Moped & Skrewdriver 


18th April 1977

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs & The Adverts


21st April 1977



22nd April 1977

Slaughter & The Dogs / The Lurkers

23rd April 1977

Siouxsie & The Banshees & The Violators

24th April 1977

Siouxsie & The Banshees & The Violators

25th April 1977

Crazy Caven & The Rhythm Rockers

28th April 1977

Downliners Sect

29th April 1977

Chelsea, The Prefects & Bethnal

30th April 1977

Buzzcocks & Mental <CANCALLED>



2nd May 1977

Count Bishops / Cherry Vanilla

5th May 1977

Mike Berry & The Outlaws
Friday 6th May 1977 48 Hours (later a.k.a 999)
Saturday 7th May 1977 Roogalator
Thursday 12th May 1977 Flight 56
Friday 13th May 1977 London
Saturday 14th May 1977 Various unknown Punk bands
Thursday 19th May 1977 Cadillac
Friday 20th May 1977 The Wasps
Saturday 21st May 1977 Johnny Moped
Thursday 26th May 1977 Masterswitch / Mean Street
Friday 27th May 1977 The Aggravators / Menace
Saturday 28th May 1977 Krakatoa & Sahara Farm

2nd June 1977

The Models / The Framed

3rd June 1977

999 / Bethnal

4th June 1977

999 / Mean Street / The Eyes

9th June 1977

Skrewdriver / Sham 69

10th June 1977

The Lurkers / Mean Street / The Police

11th June 1977

Wire / Adam & The Ants / Mean Street

12th June 1977

Johnny Moped / Mean Street

16th June 1977

Johnny Moped / Mean Street

17th June 1977

Slaughter & The Dogs / The Mutants

18th June 1977

The Boys / Mean Street

22nd June 1977

Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds / Shoplifters / Gloria Mundi

23rd June 1977

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs / Alternative TV / Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds

24th June 1977

The Saints / Neo / Bethnal

25th June 1977

The Saints / Mean Street
Wednesday 29th June 1977 Bernie Torme / Rikki & The Last Days Of The Earth / Icebergs
Thursday 30th June 1977 Wayne County & The Electric Chairs  / Alternative TV
Friday 1st July 1977 Wayne County & The Electric Chairs/ Alternative TV / The Tones / Skrewdriver
Saturday 2nd July 1977 Slaughter & The Dogs / Violent
Wednesday 6th July 1977 Model Mania / Zeroes
Thursday 7th July 1977 Skinflicks / New Hearts / London
Friday 8th July 1977 Skrewdriver / Renoir
Saturday 9th July 1977 Mean Street / The Swords
Wednesday 13th July 1977 Audition Night: The Outpatients / The Dead
Friday 15th July 1977 Eater / Bethnal
Saturday 16th July 1977 Sham 69 / Stiletto
Wednesday 20th July 1977 Audition Night: Transistor / The Makers / The Stinky Toys / The Killjoys
Thursday 21st July 1977 Siouxsie & The Banshees / The Unwanted / Swank
Friday 22nd July 1977 X-Ray Spex / Tubeway Army (billed as ' Two Way Army')
Saturday 23rd July 1977 London / The Zips
Tuesday 26th July 1977 The Bears
Wednesday 27th July 1977 Audition Night - The Transmitters / The Now
Thursday 28th July 1977 The Rings / The Rezillos / Menace / Mean Street
Friday 29th July 1977 Dead Fingers Talk / Cock Sparrer (billed as 'Cock Sparra')
Saturday 30th July 1977 New Hearts / Neo / Dead Fingers Talk
Wednesday 3rd August 1977 Audition Night - Clutch Plates / The Bears / Nuffin
Thursday 4th August 1977 Rikki & The Last Days Of The Earth / Screens
Friday 5th August 1977 Menace / The Killjoys / The Zeros
Saturday 6th August 1977 Slack Alice / Bernie Torme
Wednesday 10th August 1977 Audition Night - Bleach / Vile Bodies / Varicose Veins
Thursday 11th August 1977 Some Chicken / Buzzcocks / Mean Street
Friday 12th August 1977 Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds / Sham 69 / The Now /
The Members / The Victims
Saturday 13th August 1977 Penetration / Cyanide / Skrewdriver
Sunday 14th August 1977 Mean Street
Tuesday 16th August 1977 Riot Squad / Defiant
Wednesday 17th August 1977 Audition Night - Dole Queue / Rabies / Cool Thrust
Thursday 18th August 1977 London / Johnny Curious & The Strangers
Friday 19th August 1977 Eater / The Dead / Bethnal
Saturday 20th August 1977 Sham 69 / Menace / The Dead
Tuesday 23rd August 1977 The Speedometors / The Crabs / The Tax Exiles
Wednesday 24th August 1977 Audition Night - Pink Parts / Stormtrooper
Thursday 25th August 1977 Slaughter & The Dogs (Never Turned Up) / Varicose Veins / The Drones / Bazoomis
Friday 26th August 1977 The Wasps / Rabies
Saturday 27th August 1977 Swank / Dole Q
Saturday 3rd September 1977 Sham 69
Tuesday 6th September 1977 The Makers / Blue Screaming
Wednesday 7th September 1977 Audition Night - The Meat / Cycles / The Tickets
Thursday 8th September 1977 The Models / The Tools
Friday 9th September 1977 The Wasps / Skrewdriver
Saturday 10th September 1977 Tubeway Army / Riot Squad (Morning Gig)
Saturday 10th September 1977 New Hearts / Bazoomis / Johnny Curious & The Strangers
Tuesday 13th September 1977 Monotones / Prof & The Profettes
Wednesday 14th September 1977 Audition Night - The Blanks / The Look (billed as 'The Rook')
Thursday 15th September 1977 The Unwanted / Tubeway Army (billed as 'Tubala Army')
Friday 16th September 1977 Eater / Dole Q
Saturday 17th September 1977 Bazoomis / Nipple Erectors (billed as 'Nipple Erectus')
Tuesday 20th September 1977 Spitfire Boys
Thursday 22nd September 1977 Cock Sparrer / The Bears
Saturday 24th September 1977 Sham 69 / The Tickets
Wednesday 28th September 1977 The Meat / The Goats / The Tarts
Thursday 29th September 1977 Radiators From Space / The Outsiders
Friday 30th September 1977 Sham 69 / Radiators From Space / Crass / Dole Q
Saturday 1st October 1977 Penetration / Tubeway Army
Tuesday 4th October 1977 Fairclough / Blitz Kids
Thursday 6th October 1977 Chelsea / The Makers
Saturday 8th October 1977 Sham 69
Friday 14th October 1977 The Depressions
Saturday 15th October 1977 Bazoomis / The Tickets
Wednesday 19th October 1977 Audition Night : The Mistakes / Omm
Thursday 20th October 1977 Spitfire Boys / The Suspects
Friday 21st October 1977 Menace / Some Chicken
Saturday 22nd October 1977 Bazoomis / Silent Types / Charge
Sunday 23rd October 1977 Special Punk Disco
Tuesday 25th October 1977 The Tarts / Rabies
Wednesday 26th October 1977 Audition Night - Bricks / Charge (Advertised as 'Bricks' BUT was 'Blitz')
Thursday 27th October 1977 The Outsiders / Martin & The Brownshirts / Nipple Erectors
Friday 28th October 1977 New Hearts / The Mistakes / The Meat
Saturday 29th October 1977 Toes / Satans Rats / The Tickets
Sunday 30th October 1977 Special Punk Disco
Tuesday 1st November 1977 The Oppressed / Young Death
Wednesday 2nd November 1977 Audition Night - The Ba / Trash
Thursday 3rd November 1977 The Mistakes / Varicose Veins / Youthanasia
Friday 4th November 1977 The Void / Monotones / The Maniacs
Saturday 5th November 1977 The Skunks (ex Dole Q) / Blitz / The Night / The Now / Nile
Sunday 6th November 1977 Special Punk Disco
Tuesday 8th November 1977 Crisis / Youthanasia / The Plague
Wednesday 9th November 1977 Audition Night : Kassels / Enemies Of The World
Thursday 10th November 1977 Dead Fingers Talk / Backlash / Rabies
Friday 11th November 1977 The Depressions / The Mistakes / Acme Sewage Co.
Saturday 12th November 1977 Menace / Blitz / Red Lights
Sunday 13th November 1977 Special Punk Disco
Tuesday 15th November 1977 Why Not? / Berlin
Wednesday 16th November 1977 Audition Night - Open Sore / Charlie & The Clock Springs
Thursday 17th November 1977 The Outsiders / The Automatics / Billy Karloff &  The Goats
Friday 18th November 1977 The Wasps / The Tickets / The Shoplifters
Saturday 19th November 1977 Metal Urbain / Blunt Instrument / The Tarts
Sunday 20th November 1977 Special Punk Disco
Tuesday 22nd November 1977 The Destroyers / Peroxide Romance
Wednesday 23rd November 1977 Audition Night - Spanker & The Jets
Thursday 24th November 1977 London / Rabies / The Tarts (The Police were booked but London played instead)
Friday 25th November 1977 Suburban Studs / Blitz / UK Subs / The Mistakes
Saturday 26th November 1977 Mean Street / The Bears / The Shoplifters
Sunday 27th November 1977 Special Punk Disco
Tuesday 29th November 1977 Larry Zoom / Plastix
Wednesday 30th November 1977 Audition Night - Exorcist / Suffocation
Thursday 1st December 1977 Dirty Dogs / Raped / The Tickets / Bazooka Joe
Friday 2nd December 1977 The Depressions / Youthanasia / Charge
Saturday 3rd December 1977 The Valves / Crisis / The Heat
Sunday 4th December 1977 Special Punk Disco
Tuesday 6th December 1977 Assault / Blood Donor / Jesus Savage
Wednesday 7th December 1977 Audition Night - Nazi / The Jets
Thursday 8th December 1977 UK Subs / Acme Sewage Co. / Open Sore
Friday 9th December 1977 The Streets / Youthanasia / The Defects
Saturday 10th December 1977 Menace / Backlash / The Void
Sunday 11th December 1977 Special Punk Disco
Tuesday 13th December 1977 XL5 / The Visitors / The Vamp
Wednesday 14th December 1977 Audition Night - The Pitiful / The Furs / Jesus Savage
Thursday 15th December 1977 The Brakes / Perverse Velvet / Spanker
Friday 16th December 1977 Adam & The Ants / Red Lights / The Tax Exiles /  Billy Karloff & The Goats
Saturday 17th December 1977 The Depressions / Acme Sewage Co. / Open Sore / Raped
Sunday 18th December 1977 Special Punk Disco
Tuesday 20th December 1977 Billy Karloff & The Goats / Teeth /  Julie & The Filmstars
Wednesday 21st December 1977 Audition Night - Hamsters / Berlin / Smak
Thursday 22nd December 1977 Sham 69 / Blitz / Masterswitch / The Mistakes / Menace
Friday 23rd December 1977 Sham 69 / Menace / Blitz / Masterswitch
Saturday 24th December 1977 Blitz / Peroxide Romance / Plastix / Raped /  Open Sore / Exorcist
Sunday 25th December 1977 Peroxide Romance, Plastix, Raped, Open Sore, Blitz, The Tickets, The Goats, Wrist Action, UK Subs, The Jets, The Streets
Monday 26th December 1977 The Tickets / Billy Karloff & The Goats / Blitz /  The Jets / Plastix / The Dead
Tuesday 27th December 1977 Last Resort / Great British Heroes / Wrist Action / UK Subs /  The Streets / Jesus Savage
Wednesday 28th December 1977 Audition Night - Unorfadox / Benzine Jag / Neon Hearts / The Flames
Thursday 29th December 1977 Puncture / Mean Street / Jesus Savage /  Billy Karloff & The Goats
Friday 30th December 1977 The Crabs / Plastix / The Streets
Saturday 31st December 1977 Recording of the Farewell To The Roxy album
Sunday 1st January 1978 Recording of the Farewell To The Roxy album
Monday 2nd January 1978 Recording of the Farewell To The Roxy album
Three nights with the following bands - UK Subs / Billy Karloff &  The Goats / The Crabs / Plastix / The Bears / The Tickets / The Red Lights / Acme Sewage Co. / The Streets / The Jets / Blitz / Open Sore / XL5 / The Pitiful
Tuesday 3rd January 1978 XR21 / Senile
Thursday 5th January 1978 The Plague / Bad News / The Monitors
Friday 6th January 1978 The Bears / Youthanasia / The Tickets
Saturday 7th January 1978 Adam & The Ants / Blitz / The Purge
Tuesday 10th January 1978 Audition Night - The Sockets / Lixs (The Sockets were pre 'The Purple Hearts')
Wednesday 11th January 1978 Audition Night - Virus / The Tones
Thursday 12th January 1978 Blitz / The Shoplifters / Perverse Velvet
Friday 13th January 1978 The Pigs / Open Sore / The Heat / The Photons (The Moors Murders)
Saturday 14th January 1978 Billy Karloff & The Goats / Acme Sewage Co. / UK Subs
Tuesday 17th January 1978 The Deviators / The Machines
Wednesday 18th January 1978 Audition Night : Paradise Smell / Desperate Straits
Thursday 19th January 1978 Angels / Spanker / The Lazers
Friday 20th January 1978 The Plague / Crisis / The Purge / The Furs
Saturday 21st January 1978 Adam & The Ants / Richard III / Plastix
Tuesday 24th January 1978 Schmo / (Drug) Addix
Wednesday 25th January 1978 Chaos / The Aliens
Thursday 26th January 1978 The Depressions / Blitz / Xtraverts / The Night
Friday 27th January 1978 Steve Hooker Band (ex-The Heat) / The Features /  Bad News
Saturday 28th January 1978 Adam & The Ants / Virus / Perverse Velvet
Wednesday 1st February 1978 Interference / The Thrillers
Thursday 2nd February 1978 The Depressions / The Plague / Sychodelic
Friday 3rd February 1978 Handbag / The Zips / The Lazers
Saturday 4th February 1978 Menace / The Purge / Raped
Monday 6th February 1978 Dillinger / Zabandip / Psalms / Red
Tuesday 7th February 1978 Checkmate / Solo / Saboteurs
Wednesday 8th February 1978 Nazi / The Revenge
Thursday 9th February 1978 Demon Preacher / Charge / Schmo
Friday 10th February 1978 Muvvers Pride / Open Sore / Leyton Buzzards
Saturday 11th February 1978 Blitz / The Vamp / Crisis / Virus
Sunday 12th February 1978 Muvvers Pride / Billy Karloff &  The Goats / Leyton Buzzards / The Mistakes / Patrik Fitzgerald
Tuesday 14th February 1978 Works / The Bodies
Wednesday 15th February 1978 The Sane / Unknown
Thursday 16th February 1978 Acme Sewage Co. / Lockjaw / The Vamp
Friday 17th February 1978 The Plague / Red lights / Perverse Velvet
Saturday 18th February 1978 Blitz / Handbag / Angelo Paladino
Sunday 19th February 1978 Billy Karloff & The Goats / Muvvers Pride /  The Plague / The Mistakes / The Meat
Tuesday 21st February 1978 Rubber Ball / The Sweaters / Laughing Gas
Wednesday 22nd February 1978 Soho Jets / Dresden
Thursday 23rd February 1978 The Depressions / The Meat / Anorak
Friday 24th February 1978 Menace / UK Subs / The Zipps
Saturday 25th February 1978 Mean Street / The Lazers / Exorcist
Sunday 26th February 1978 Muvvers Pride / The Plague / The Public / Matt Vinyl & The Decorators / French Lessons
Tuesday 28th February 1978 BloodSport / Jerry Jam Rag & The Afterbirths
Wednesday 1st March 1978 The Fringe / Matiks / Rottin` Clits
Thursday 2nd March 1978 Handbag
Friday 3rd March 1978 Blitz / The Works / Social Class IV
Saturday 4th March 1978 The Depressions / Patrik Fitzgerald / Schmo /  Cowards
Sunday 5th March 1978 Patrik Fitzgerald / Muvvers Pride
Tuesday 7th March 1978 X-Films / Lepers / Abortion
Wednesday 8th March 1978 The Magnets / Wasted / Stalag 16
Thursday 9th March 1978 Handbag
Friday 10th March 1978 The Zipps / Tax Exiles / The Vamp
Saturday 11th March 1978 French Lessons / The Plague / Perverse Velvet
Sunday 12th March 1978 Audition Night - mystery bands
Wednesday 15th March 1978 Samuel Goodnight / The Pistols
Friday 17th March 1978 Landscape / Berlin / UK Subs
Saturday 18th March 1978 Cyanide / The Vamp / The Public
Sunday 19th March 1978 Mean Street / Billy Karloff & The Goats
Tuesday 21st March 1978 Audition Night - Nazi / Sinex
Wednesday 22nd March 1978 Audition Night - mystery bands
Thursday 23rd March 1978 Handbag
Friday 24th March 1978 The Mekons / The Tarts / Soho Jets
Saturday 25th March 1978 Blitz / The Dead / The Plague
Sunday 26th March 1978 The Magnets / A.P.B.
Tuesday 28th March 1978 Audition night - mystery bands
Wednesday 29th March 1978 Audition night - mystery bands
Thursday 30th March 1978 Handbag
Friday 31st March 1978 Eater / Passengers
Saturday 1st April 1978 The Bodies / Teenage Skins
Sunday 2nd April 1978 The Streets
Monday 3rd April 1978 Audition night - mystery bands
Wednesday 5th April 1978 Parazone / Macfocahest
Thursday 6th April 1978 Handbag / The Lepers
Friday 7th April 1978 Zipps / Soho Jets
Saturday 8th April 1978 Mean Street / Sinex / The Public
Sunday 9th April 1978 Audition night - mystery bands
Monday 10th April 1978 Spotty Dogs / The Clap
Wednesday 12th April 1978 Injection
Thursday 13th April 1978 Handbag / Beggar
Friday 14th April 1978 Captain Comedown / The Bodies / Brains
Saturday 15th April 1978 Bill Kreme / The Lazers
Monday 17th April 1978 Spotty Dogs / The Clap
Tuesday 18th April 1978 Northwood
Wednesday 19th April 1978 Audition night - mystery bands
Thursday 20th April 1978 Handbag / Northwood
Friday 21st April 1978 Blitz / Gotham City Swing Band
Saturday 22nd April 1978 Tiger Ashby / Sinex / Passengers
Sunday 23rd April 1978 The Clap
Monday 24th April 1978 Audition night - mystery bands


Below is a selection of different memorabilia that is attached to this famous Punk venue.


The above is an original gig poster from the 'Roxy Club' from Saturday 1st January 1977 for 'The Clash', 'Chelsea' & 'Sounds'




Above is an original 50cm x 75cm Promo Poster advertising the release of the album.

Picture Supplied By



The front and back cover to the 'Farewell to the Roxy" album




Above is a rare & obscure Parody single called "Snoggin At The Roxy" by a group named
"Your Hero" which was released on the "Laser" label in 1979.


An original flyer for The Heartbreakers first ever gig at the Roxy Club on Monday 11th January 1977

Picture Supplied By


Original flyer for the Generation X gig at the Roxy Club on 15th January 1977


An original 21cm x 14cm gig flyer from February 1977 for the Roxy Club, tailoring gigs by The Cortinas, Eater, Johnny Moped, Chelsea, Cock Sparrer, The Adverts, Slaughter and the Dogs, The Lurkers, The Vibrators, The Jam, The Damned, The Rejects, The Boys, Beastly Cads, Masterswitch, GBH and The Bombers.


Original A5 Roxy Flyer for February's gigs from 1977.


Above is an original A4 gig flyer from Friday 4th February 1977.


The above is an original gig flyer for the "Roxy Club" from Friday 4th February 1977.


Original flyer for the St. Valentine's benefit concert for the Roxy Club on Sunday 13th February 1977. The gig featured Johnny Thunder's Heartbreakers, Eater and Chelsea


Original flyer for the Eater gig at the Roxy Club on 23rd February 1977.

Picture Supplied By


Above is an original 30cm x 21cm gig flyer from Wednesday 23rd February 1977 for the Stalwarts of the London scene! They must have played at the Roxy more times than anyone else, Singer, Bruno, was very energetic on stage and gave it all he got!


Above is an original 21cm x 32m gig flyer for the "Roxy Club" for all the forthcoming gigs in March 1977.


An original 30cm x 21cm gig flyer that advertises three different acts at the Roxy Club.
By the beginning of March, the American invasion was coming!.


The above is an original gig flyer for the "Roxy Club" from Wednesday 2nd March 1977.


The above is an original gig flyer for the "Roxy Club" from Thursday 3rd March 1977 for 'Cherry Vanilla' & 'The Police'.


The above is an original gig flyer for the "Roxy Club" from Friday 4th March 1977 for 'Wayne County & The Electric Chairs' & 'The Adverts'.


Original gig  Roxy flyer from Saturday 19th March 1977 for The Models, one of early punks should-have-beens. I don't know whether "C20th" and "Nazi Party" are song titles and I assume that "No Reviving of Old RnB", is a mission statement of sorts.

Picture Supplied By


Above is an original A4 colour gig flyer for the double bill of 'Siouxsie & The Banshees' & 'The Slits' that took place on 26th March 1977.

Picture Supplied By


Above is an original gig flyer for 'The Stranglers' from Monday 28th March 1977.

Picture Supplied By


An original A4 gig flyer for Friday 1st & 2nd April 1977 at the Roxy Club.


An original A4 gig flyer for Friday 15th April 1977 at the Roxy, a gig featuring The Models and The Cortinas (A Step Forward Promotion night)


An original A4 gig flyer for Monday 18th April 1977 at the Roxy, featuring Wayne County and the Electric Chairs.


An original flyer from April 1977 for the Roxy Club, advertising forth coming gigs by The Cortinas, The Models, Johnny Moped, Skrewdriver, Wayne County, The Adverts, Slaughter and the Dogs, The Lurkers, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Chelsea, The Prefects, Buzzcocks and The Mental. At the bottom it states that these may be the last gigs at the venue. This was not the case as the venue ran for longer, but I think it was the last of Andy and Sue's dealings with the place


An original flyer for a Sham 69 gig at the Roxy Club which may have been on Saturday September 3rd 1977. The gig would have been shortly before the release of 'I Don't Wanna' and the picture still has Albie on bass.


An original A4 Sham 69 flyer for Roxy on 3rd September 1977.


An original 33cm x 20cm gig flyer for The Tickets gig at the Roxy on September 7th 1977. It may have still been the original line up with Max 'singing'. After one single in 1978 they mutated into East End Goths 'Wasted Youth'.


Above is an original A4 gig flyer from Friday 11th November & Saturday 12th November 1977.


Above is an original A4 gig flyer from Thursday 17th November 1977.

Picture Supplied By


Above is an original gig flyer from 14th September 1977 to the 19th September 1977
Picture Supplied By


Above is an original A5 gig flyer from Saturday 7th January, 1978.


Above is the front cover of the rare book that show cases the first 100 nights of the 'Roxy'.

Picture Supplied By


Original gig flyer from Sunday 12th February 1978 for the Roxy that features Small Wonder label stalwarts Patrick Fitzgerald and The Leyton Buzzards along with The Goats, The Mistakes and "Boy" employees Muvver's Pride. The flyer acknowledges the Pistol's recent demise, but the overall tone is one of comedy.


Above is an original gig flyer from Sunday 19th February 1978 that features "The Goats", "Muvvers Pride", "The Plague" & "The Mistakes".


 Above is an original gig flyer from Sunday 26th February 1978 that features "Muvvers Pride", "French Lesson's", "The Plague" & "The Meat".

Picture Supplied By


Above is a set of three original Gig Flyers that the band made up themselves for their appearances at the "Roxy Club" from April 1978.


Above is an original A4 gig flyer that advertises the bands from 'Farewell to the Roxy' album when then went on tour together in 1978.

Picture Supplied By


Above is an original un-used ticket for the "Farwell To The Roxy" Tour.
On 24-April 1978 The Roxy Club London Closed its door for the last time, the manager of the Roxy Kevin St John came up with the idea of having a Farewell to the Roxy tour which consisted of 4 dates only all in Scotland. The bands that played the tour were "UK Subs", "Blitz", "XL5", "Red Lights, "Acme Sewage Co", "The Goats", "Open Sore", "The Jets" & "The Bears" , which all played Glasgow "Satellite City" on the 14th of June 1978.


Ticket supplied by


The above snippet was taken from the Glasgow Punk fanzine 'Trash 77' #2 from 1977.

The above article appeared in the Manchester "Ghast Up" #3 fanzine from 1977.


The above snippet appeared in the "NME" on 2nd April 1977.


The above snippet  for the Christmas All-day bash appeared in "Sounds" on 24th December 1977.


The above Xmas Day & Boxing Day advert appeared in the 'NME' on 24th December 1977.







The Roxy Club as it was in 1977


As it is now in 2006


Thanks to
Mark Brennan, Mario Panciera, Joe Public, David Pay, Johana.



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