First Pressing


British Refugee / Mein Kampf

Catalogue Number - RK 1001

Label - Robert Kingston Production Ltd

Year Of Release - 1977

Quantity Pressed - ????

No picture sleeve was issued but does come with a company sleeve


   Second Pressing

British Refugee / Mein Kampf

Catalogue Number - RK 1001

Label - Robert Kingston Production Ltd

Year Of Release - 1977

Quantity Pressed - ????

No picture sleeve was issued and it came in a plain white sleeve.


Third Pressing



British Refugee / Mein Kampf

Catalogue Number - RK 1001

Label - Robert Kingston Production Ltd

Year Of Release - 1983

Quantity Pressed - ????

This copy came in a full colour picture sleeve to cash in with
 'Frankie Goes To Hollywood' being in the charts.


German Pressing



British Refugee / Mein Kampf

Catalogue Number - BF 18599

Label - Bellaphon Records

Year Of Release - 1977

Quantity Pressed - ????


Paul Rutherford ( aka Maggot) - Vocals* Dave Littler (aka Jones) - Guitar
Peter Griffiths (aka Zero) - Bass Peter Clarke (aka Blister) - Drums

*Replaced Mike Rigby

Hailing from the outskirts of Liverpool (Budgie and Dave from St. Helens, Peter Griffiths from Prescot & Paul from Cantril Farm to be precise), they first got together as the Spitfire Boys on 14th May 1977. They were persuaded to get a band together as Johnny & the Heartbreakers were coming to town and they needed a like minded support act. Feat; Paul Rutherford aka Maggot on Vocals, Dave Littler aka Jones on Guitar, Peter Griffiths aka Zero on Bass & Budgie (Peter Clarke aka Blister) on Drums. Their first proper gig was supporting Johnny & The Heartbreakers at "Parr Hall", Palmyra Square, Warrington, WA1 1BL.

Before they were called 'The Spitfire Boys' then went under the name of 'The Blackmailers' but as Punk was approaching Liverpool at a high velocity they looked for a more suitable name. At a Punk night at "Eric's", the guitarist Dave spoke to 'Wayne County' of the 'Electric Chairs and he suggested the name 'The Spitfire Boys', the rest is history as so to speak!

The band released one killer record on 7th October 1977. This was 'British Refugee' backed with the controversial 'Mein Kampf' on the 'R.K.O' label in 1977. This went onto see three different pressings of it. The first pressing being a push out centre and coming in a 'RKO' company sleeve. The second pressing had a solid centre and coming just in a plain white sleeve. The third pressing is the rarest as it was released in conjunction with a 'Frankie Goes To Hollywood' release that featured the vocalist 'Paul Rutherford' from the 'Spitfire Boys' and came in a full colour picture sleeve. (All of which are shown above).

The band were stars in their home town but sadly never really broke into the London scene after only playing a few gigs down there. Early December 'Pete Wylie' joined the band for two or three rehearsals but this wasn't to be.....

From being one of the first Punk bands to form in Liverpool, they were also one of the first to disband. Sadly this happened on Thursday 22nd December 1977.

After the Spitfire Boys split in December 77, Dave Littler moved to London and played with "The Photons".

This group consisted of Vince Ely (pre Psychedelic Furs) on drums, John ? on Bass, Steve ? on vocals and  Dave Littler on guitar.

After a few London gigs Vince and Dave sacked John and Steve and recruited Steve Strange on vocals and auditioned for another bass player. They then went on and  played a few gigs in London with this line up and demoed three tracks with Stuart Copeland. The group split after Dave Littler was sacked by manager Andy Czezowski in Sept 78.

Dave then moved to Cardiff in November 78 and gigged with 'The Nylonz' (minus their vocalist) but it was all of Dave's own original material and they went under the name of  'The White Boys'.

They then went on to record 'Funtime' backed with 'Transcendal Changing' and it was released in 1979 with the Spitfire Boys name on the Welsh 'Impeccable' label but sadly the single sank with out trace!

Dave then moved back to London in Dec 79 and gigged with the bass player and guitarist from the White Boys (plus a new drummer) under the name of "Tier 3".

After this band split, Dave then joined 'The White Brothers' of which a track will be released some time in 2008 on 'Chuck Warner's' Messthetics label.


Thanks to "Dave Littler" & "Peter Griffiths" for the above information.


Above is an original A4 Gig Flyer which also advertises the release of the bands debut release.






The above photo was taken some time mid 1977 and featured the In-Crowd from "Erics". In the photo there is a very young 'Pete Burns' (left hand side, side ways on looking right), 'Budgie (top left with blonde hair) and Paul Rutherford (dead centre looking straight ahead with dark hair and leather jacket).


The Lyrics to "British Refugee" / "Mein Kampf"

The Lyrics to "British Refugee" / "Mein Kampf"


Back stage at 'Eric's', 1977.



"Dave Littler's" Spitfire Boys



Funtime / Transcendal Changing

Catalogue Number - SRTS/79/CUS 481

Label - Impeccable Records

Year Of Release - 1979

Quantity Pressed - 1000


The line up of the above release

David Francis - Vocals & Guitar* Peter Millman - Guitar
Kurt Prasser - Bass Chris Brazier - Drums

*"David Francis" aka "Dave Littler"


After the 'Spitfire Boys'

Paul Rutherford - Opium Eaters & Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Dave Littler - The Photons, The White Boys & The White Brothers

Peter Griffiths - Nova Mob

Peter Clarke (aka Budgie) - Nova Mob, Big in Japan, Opium Eaters, The Secrets, The Planets, The Slits, Siouxsie and The Banshees & The Creatures)

Pete Wylie - Wah! Heat / The Mighty Wah


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Thanks to 'Dave Littler', 'John Esplen' and to 'Mark Ward' as two of the above photos came from his web site.




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