Allan Unnuk - Guitar & Vocals Matti Unnuk - Guitar & Vocals
Dave Fairfax - Bass Roy Klymenko - Drums

* Please note, the band were actually called "Shadowfax" but the printer spelt the name of the band wrong on the labels.



Really Into You / Spare Wheel Driver

Catalogue Number - SFX 100

Label - BFD Records

Year Of Release - 1979

Quantity Pressed - 1000????


Shadowfax was a Bradford band, comprised of: Matti Unnuk – guitar & vocals, Allan Unnuk – guitar & vocals, Dave Fairfax – Bass &  Roy Klymenko - Drums.

 The band formed in the mid 1970’s, before punk, and was most definitely a rock band, rather than punk/new-wave.

Punk took quite a while to reach the North and we were one of several rock bands playing the clubs, university/college bars, around Bradford and Leeds. Our only record, (Really Into You), was recorded to try and increase our profile and get better gigs. To that end, it was very effective: as well as moving to bigger venues, we landed a few support slots for major touring acts when they played in the area – Def Leppard and UFO at Bradford St George’s Hall, and Saxon at the the Fforde Green in Leeds.

The late 1970’s was a strange time in Bradford – the growing punk scene hit rock bands very hard and gigs came much harder to come by. Though we loved the energy of it all, punk in Yorkshire was fairly dire musically and not something we wanted to be part of and eventually, the band came to a natural halt in 1980.


Thanks to Allan Unnuk.



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