"Harry Hack And The Big G"
Rob Dixon (aka Harry Hack) - Vocals Jane Wade (aka Kid Mutant) - Vocals
Mick Emerson (aka Red Helmet) on Guitar

John Zajac (aka Brown Dog) - Guitar

Peter Howard (aka Walter Hack) - Bass, Anthony Martin (aka E H Flash) - Guitar
Norman Emerson (aka Norman Normal aka Mean Average) - Drums


One of the first bands to form and actually play in the North East of England!



I Hate The Whole Human Race

Starsky & Hutch

Apathy Row

EAR 1 A -1 / EAR 1 B - 1

Above is the only known acetate to exist of the bands aborted 3-Track EP from 1977. It is a Two One Sided 12" acetate.


Above is an original A4  unused gig poster from 1977




The above three article appeared in the Newcastle based fanzine "Scrap Metal" #1 from 1977.


The above snippet appeared in the North East Punk fanzine "Gabba Gabba Hey" #4 from 1977


The above snippet appeared in the North East fanzine "Out Now" #9 from 1978


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