At the Marquee


Thanks goes to Allen Adams of 'The Blanks' for the above four photographs.


The above gig advert for the "Marquee" from Thursday 31st March 1977 appeared in the "NME" on 2nd April 1977.


Above is an original 8" x 12" gig flyer when the band played at the legendary 'Marquee' on Thursday 31st March 1977. This was before the band were actually signed up to the 'Chrysalis' label and features their original drummer 'John Towe', poached from 'Chelsea' when 'Billy' and 'Tony' split from 'Gene October'.



Above is an original 29.5cm x 21cm gig flyer for 'Generation X'  at the "Marquee" on 20th July 1977.

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Above is an original 65cm x 85cm Gig Poster for 'Generation X' & 'The Jolt' at the "Marquee" on Tuesday 6th September 1977.


Above is the original 75cm x 50cm Concert Poster for a once a week residence that Generation X Played at the Legendary Marquee Club, London in September 1978. Support on this evening came from London reggae artists Black Slate.
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