the BEEZ
From Chesham






Easy / Vagrant

Catalogue Number - SNACK 001

Label - Edible Records

Year Of Release - 1979

Quantity Pressed - 500 (Confirmed)





Do The Suicide / Backstreet Love / Girls / You Make Me Feel Better

Catalogue Number - SNACK 002

Label - Edible Records

Year Of Release - 1979

Quantity Pressed - 500 (Confirmed)

Above is the original A4 Promotional Poster for the bands second release.




Catalogue Number - SNACK 003

Label - Edible Records

Year Of Release - 1979 / 1980

Quantity Pressed - 0

The above front sleeve is from the bands proposed third release but it never materialised.


Robert Boughton - Guitar & Vocals Gordon Watson - Guitar & Vocals
Timothy Heal - Bass Paul Morris - Drums & Vocals


A brilliant four piece Punk outfit from outta Chesham which is located in South East of Buckinghamshire.

The band who started life in 1977 as "Bloo Lite" quickly switched their name to "The Beez" and then went onto release two amazing singles, one 2-track 7" and one 4-track EP on their own 'Edible' label in 1979. They actually recorded the debut single in December 1978 at the 'Quest Studio' in Luton.

The opening track to their EP, "Do The Suicide" is one of my all time favourite tracks and has been listed in my top five Punk Tracks of all time along with 'Powercut' by 'The Jermz'.

Sadly the band never really made it out of the Buckinghamshire area and split in late 1980.

Timothy Heal briefly played in / helped out with 'Ultraviolet' which was another local Chesham band along side 'Rick Lawley' & 'Tim Burness' and now lives in Canada.

Paul Morris and Gordon Watson went onto play in 'Terminal Cheesecake'. After 'Terminal Cheesecake', Paul Morris went onto play in 'Real Macabre' during the eighties and recently did a gig with a scratch band in Kigali (Rwanda) at the Wrap Party for the film, "Shooting Dogs".

Rob Boughton later went on to become a successful recording engineer, working with Lisa Stansfield and others and now lives in Ireland.


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