We have just received the below email on 6th August 2007

Just seen the page on the Alsatians, the link to the Gymslips is that Sue Scott of the Gymslips and Alan Draper of the Alsatians were in the Minnie Ralores together. Sue and myself formed the Minnie Ralores on the way home from a gig one night while travelling home on the top of a bus.


Minnie xxx


We have just received the below email on 29th September 2007
Hi there
Just came across your site. You mention the Alsatians and that nothing much is known about them except for the fact that Tim Scott, the bass player, used to be a train driver by day. It's true - I was, though more interesting was the band. Apart from the four persons mentioned - the ones who played on the single - there were other guitarists. First was Kev Beaumont and then Maff Davis. Both were asked to leave, Kev because his style didn't fit us, and Maff because I'd been seeing his girlfriend, and there wasn't room for us both.
The band existed from 1979-1981 and played the London pub, club and college circuit with varying degrees of success. We played the Bridge House in Canning Town regularly, but the career high point was at the Marquee. The single was played by John Peel at least once, but then so was every obscure record. We split amongst a welter of lawsuits and recriminations in 1981. No, not really - we split because we'd come to the end of our natural life.
However, the Alsatians still exist, albeit only in studio form. Now there's only two of us - Alan Draper and myself. We've been working on an album for a while, and it's not too far away from being completed, if we can find the money to do so. Watch this space.
Thanks for including us on your site.
Tim Scott




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