Acme Attractions




Jim Nagle - Vocals Geoff Lidyard - Guitar & Vocals
Dave Adam - Bass Ivor Brimble - Drums



Anyway / Never Again

Catalogue Number - KICK 007

Label - A-TRAX

Year Of Release - 1980

Quantity Pressed - 1000


Acme Attractions

 Born from an after pub party, while miming in a front room to whatever song was on The threat of "Now letís see if you can go out and form your own band"

Was the only challenge we needed!

 Within 6 months of that night the guitarist had self-taught himself and the bass player the basic skills required to form the band (3 chords).

(I got my first real six string, played it till my fingers bleed).

 It was happening!

(Me and some guys from school we got a band and we tried real hard).

After months of rehearsing, it was time to show the local pub that we didnít want to listen to smoke on the water or Johnny be good anymore.

It was our time.

 Having been influenced by the attitude of the Pistols, Clash, with undercurrents of the Who, Mott the Hoople and some self-penned songs thrown in as well Acme Attractions played their first gig.

 The local interest had drawn big crowds which lead to the band being barred From their first 3 gigs. This was not caused by violence, but due to over crowding resulting in damage caused to chairs, tables, and beer glasses.

 The band were forced to seek bigger venues and halls this resulted in Acme Attractions being the only local band being able to fill "The Royal Hotel", the biggest of all the venues, not once but twice.

Not all gigs were as successful as that though as the landlord of The Kingsway Tavern Would tell you.  After refusing to leave the stage one night until their set was finished, The landlord locked the band in the dressing room with his Alsatian dog. Threatening not to pay them as they had played over the permitted time. His error had been locking the door, as he had no escape himself When we threatened to break his legs.

 The bands popularity and reputation was growing and growing and after progressing through a Battle of the Bands competition at the expense of the singer losing a front tooth, the band was making their name.

 Local newspapers were wanting to know the storey behind the band and local promoters were asking them to headline the local festivals such as The Luton Carnival and the Marsh Farm Festival.

 The money gained through gigging went towards hiring a studio and the costs of producing 1,000 copies of their first single "Anyway" / "Never Again".

EMI had tried to claim a percentage of the copy rights through a distribution deal that did not suit the band, so the band decided to distribute it themselves. This is why most copies of the single have tipex on the label over the line that mentions EMI.

 After continuous gigging and some radio air time, The band had reached a point that required more commitment To take them to the next level.

They had travelled as far as they could have on the local scene. A meeting had been called to discuss the next stage of progression and It was decided it was time for Acme Attractions to come to an end.

 It was not the end of the band however as the remaining members continued under various names such as 'English Dream' and 'Pressure'.

With the new name of 'Pressure', it was long before being signed to Anagram Records a division of Cherry Red Records. Releasing a further two 12" singles and touring the country before finally calling it a day back in 1983.

Geoff Lidyard
Sept 2017


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